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Testimonials from my clients

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A trip with Cornelia is one of those moments of eternity that are so rare and precious that we'd like to keep them just for ourselves, with our loved ones. It's one of those addresses you should only give to those you really love, lest Cornelia become overwhelmed and have no more time to offer you. Cornelia is an incredibly rich person with a huge heart and a look that envelops and welcomes you wholeheartedly. Her return is aligned with who you are and what's deepest in you. You can trust her completely. You are expected.

October 2023


Thanks to Cornelia, I was able to treat my psoriasis, which was well established on my feet and hands, from a distance. No more pain and my skin is back to normal.

Thank you.

November 2023

Karine P.

For those who would not read my text to the end, I would like to recommend Cornelia and her treatments with closed eyes or rather with a heart full of gratitude. It is difficult to write in a few lines what I feel before, during and after a treatment with Cornelia. Before it is a delight. The place is so welcoming, I feel really safe and enveloped in the sweetness of being. This luminous link that you weave "through us", with us, for us, from "us to us" (yourself) is so delicious, reassuring and wonderful. During the treatment, always with kindness and depth, you let yourself be guided and you heal us, really heal us. Everything is right, aligned, like a gift. Very beautiful music also during the treatment. ( in some practices the music is really kitsch ). Thank you with all my heart. The luminous link is like a golden thread that dances and caresses our soul.
Very beautiful music also during the care. ( in some practices the music is really kitsch ) . Thank you with all my heart. The luminous link is like a golden thread that dances and caresses our soul. November 2022

Novembre 2022

Laure S.

Since I have known Cornelia, a link has been created, an exchange between our sensibilities and practices. Cornelia has accompanied and helped me in several situations, she is a very gentle person, a good listener and above all very sensitive. She creates an invisible, luminous and energizing link. When Cornelia is near me I feel reassured and fully confident. Do not hesitate to contact her, she is an extraordinary person.

August 2022

Anaëlle M.

During my exam period in June, I suffered from severe neck and head pain overnight. Because of my inability to continue my exams in this state, I called Cornelia and she was able to take care of me very quickly by giving me a remote treatment. It was a great relief to see that I was pain free shortly after the treatment. Thank you a thousand times Cornelia.

Having also done several treatments in my office, I can only recommend Cornelia's work.

August 2022

Nadia V.

A big thank you to Cornelia, who helped my 2 month old son land on earth energetically and finally smile! Her treatments at the office or at a distance have always been effective and very beneficial. Cornelia has a real gift and I highly recommend her. Thank you again!

May 2022

Geneviève M.

A huge thank you to Cornelia who gave me back my energy and well-being after only one session. While I had been suffering for many years from daily and frequent hot flashes, these have disappeared... I am alive again! Not to mention everything else... I feel good, light and serene. The energy is there and it's there... THANK YOU so much!

May 2022

Carine F.G.

Excerpt from the feelings written after the first session: The heavy dark curtains fall in sections, letting in the light. In its rays, the veils disintegrate like almond blossom petals flying away in the warm air current of forgiveness and acceptance... I take off my shoes, the warmth of the earth welcomes me and slowly, step by step, I start to dance, carried by the Joy of feeling healed and so alive. Thank you to all the beings of flesh and Light who accompany me. All my gratitude to Cornelia for having welcomed and transmitted with such a benevolent attention the messages of the guides and allies of the spiritual world.

February 2022

Sophie M.
I recommend Cornelia's treatments. She accompanies me, follows me and has accompanied me with long distance care for several years. The energy treatments have relieved me of many ailments and have helped me get through the most difficult times. She is very available and attentive. I have called on several secret makers or healers but there is no equal!
March 2022


First of all a thousand thanks to Cornelia and the angels that accompany her 👼.I am a close caregiver for my daughter and husband who are being treated with chemo and immunotherapy. The doctors keep praising us for how well the treatments are being endured and how brave the whole family is. At each stage my daughter and husband benefit from Cornelia's energy treatments. And what a nice surprise when my late mother came to say goodbye 👋♥️ All in all, a gentle way to regain the joy of living in the present moments. Don't deny yourself comfort, strength and love.

February 2022

Barbara K.

Hello Cornelia, thank you again for all that I have received and experienced thanks to your precious guidance and energy healing! I really appreciate the time you have given me. Something very strong continues to happen and I feel carried. I am calm and happy about my grandmother. We had talked about small signs, e.g. a stone or a feather. The next day I wanted to talk to my husband about it and when I got to him he told me that a feather had just fallen... There it was.

June 2021

Sarah F.

I highly recommend this treatment to everyone! I have repeatedly called on Cornelia for all sorts of applications for myself or my loved ones: sciatica pain, post-operative pain, loss of energy, general condition, etc... The results are really impressive. If I could, I would give it 6 stars!

February 2021

Emmanuel V.

Je me suis adressé à Cornelia pour qu’elle prodigue un soin à distance pour mon père de 93 ans très affaibli par une plaie causée par la radiothérapie. Le résultat fût extrêmement visible tant pour la cicatrisation que pour l’énergie et le moral.
Merci beaucoup Cornelia pour cette prise en charge.

September 2021

Carine G.

A moment of serenity that allows us to connect with the essential, to find our inner "self" in complete confidence. A welcome break for everyone...
Thank you very much!

December 2021

Catherine B.

I must admit that I made my first appointment with Cornelia out of curiosity. As soon as the session started, she told me about a pain in my left foot, which was correct. So she worked on this problem and I felt better from that first session. Other effects were felt such as relaxation and well-being which motivated me to make another appointment. Her work at a distance is also to be recommended for people who cannot travel or who are far away. Thank you Cornelia!

January 2021


Cornelia me reçoit toujours dans une ambiance chaleureuse, calme et extrêmement bienveillante. Très respectueuse et à l’écoute lors de ses soins, ceux-ci apportent une vague de douceur, de relaxation et d’apaisement pour les maux du corps, du cœur et de l’esprit. Toujours très juste dans les messages qu’elle transmet avec humilité, Cornelia sait repérer les points sensibles et les aborde avec respect et beaucoup d’empathie.
Avec les alliés du ciel, Cornelia forme une équipe merveilleuse que je recommande de tout cœur.

September 2021


Raphaël C.

I first consulted Cornelia in 2021. Cornelia has this gift to soothe and heal you with the help of Light beings. I came out feeling energized 🙂 The card drawing and information given by the guides was so right for me. It was a very inspiring and rejuvenating time. I came back to see Cornelia in January 2022 and had a magical time again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your listening, your kindness and your very effective care Cornelia.
Je suis ressorti avec plein d’énergie 🙂 . Le tirage de carte et les informations données par les guides étaient tellement juste pour moi.
Ce fut un moment très inspirant et ressourçant.
Je suis revenu voir Cornelia au mois de janvier 2022 et ai pu à nouveau passer un moment magique.
Merci du fond du coeur pour ton écoute, ta bienveillance et tes soins très efficaces Cornelia.

May 2021

Walking through the door of Cornelia's office is to enter a world of calm, light and good energy. I consulted Cornelia in 2021 and, after having gone there for my two daughters, I will undoubtedly return. I can only recommend her, as Cornelia is such a good listener, very gentle, empathetic and her energy treatments are magnificent. Thank you so much!
I can only recommend her, as Cornelia is such a good listener, very gentle, empathetic and her energy treatments are magnificent. Thank you so much!

April 2021
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