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Types of care offered

In Office Care
Prior to your arrival at my office, I prepare myself and get in touch with the spiritual world and your guide who allow me to transmit their written message as well as a message by the angel tarot cards. At the office you will be placed comfortably on my massage table while remaining dressed. I practice a therapeutic touch which aims to balance the energy between your joints and align your chakras. It is during this therapeutic touch that I sense any physical and/or psychic blockages or imbalances. I then allow the spiritual world to approach and pass their energy through my hands. The treatment ends with the sounds of the koshis and I pass on the information I have received. A first session lasts about 1 hour to 1.15 hours and the following ones, if needed, 1 hour maximum.
The world beyond and contact with the deceased
One activity and care that fills me every time with a special sense of wonder is making contact with a loved one. This moment when a deceased person has the opportunity to approach and communicate with us remains for me a magnificent proof that life does not stop after death.
The spoken trance
I prepare myself and enter into an altered consciousness to allow the spiritual world to pass a message through my voice. These messages are always delivered with great respect and love.
In Office Care prices

First session: 120 CHF*

Further sessions: 100 CHF

Payment in cash or by Twint at the end of the session.

*The price difference for the very first session is justified by a thorough analysis before you come.

Payment in cash or by Twint at the end of the session.

Remote care/Distance healing

Remote care

An appointment will be to set-up. We schedule the date and time of the remote care/distance healing so that you can concentrate on the feeling. Please provide your last name, first name, date of birth, place of residence and a photo of you prior to the appointment. This treatment lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.
This treatment lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and is applied regardless of distance.

Accompanying chemo-/radiotherapy
As for a distance healing treatment, I "connect"
to you during chemo and/or radiotherapy treatment. I have found that this helps people who are undergoing this type of treatment to cope better. They experience fewer unwanted side effects such as nausea or burns.
Remote care/distance healing price
Session: 80 CHF

Paiement par Twint ou virement bancaire à l’avance


I do not make any diagnosis and my care does not replace medical treatment and/or prescription drugs, but can be seen as a valuable complement. 

I should also point out that I am not a psychic, I do not predict the future or make decisions for you.

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